Why Kendall deserves her own spotlight –

I know what you are thinking. ‘Seriously Britt?…Her family is famous for being…famous…’  Well, maybe in Kim’s case that is the truth (somewhat). That being said, there is no way that Kendall Jenner woke up one morning called Karl Lagerfield and told him because of her status she would be walking his runway. ‘People’ always say that it must be easier for celebrity kids to become models. “They have an in”. “They already know the designers”. “Designers want them to advertise their clothing”. Let’s be real though. Kendall has got ‘it’. She has put a lot of hard work into her career so far.

I truly believe that being a ‘celebrity child’ is her hardship. Her obstacle.


Often we forget that television and media is just an illusion. These are real people who have to face problems just like we do. Yes, they might have LARGE bank accounts. Money, however, is not the solution to everything in life. It certainly makes things easier, but it does not define who you are as a person. The more I listen to Kendall in interviews the more I understand that everything was not handed to her on a golden platter.

“People didn’t take me seriously as a model…I went on castings and some people weren’t feeling me because of my name. But it was great when people didn’t recognise me. I was like, ‘Thank you. Please don’t recognise me.”


I don’t know about you but the more I see Kendall shed her Kardashian image the more I start to love her as a model. I truly believe that everyone deserves a shot at their dreams. Why should someone, just because they grew up swarmed by the media deserve it any less than someone who has to struggle to get known?

Everyone has a different story.


Whistlaaaah & Lip trends I’m loving!-

Hey guys!

So, I just got back from Whistler. Yep, that sh*t was definitely cray. So. Much. Fun.

I got to spend the weekend with these two crazy ladies aka two of my closest friends. We all have so much fun together. If I ever need to work on my six-pack I just hangout with them. They keep me laughing at all times…they’re the best.



IMG_5065 IMG_5076

I can’t exactly remember how we started our lipstick convo in Whistler but my ladies and I definitely had a long solid talk about the most gorgeous lip colors we have been seeing lately. So, I wanted to share with all of you some of my favorite fall trends. When that summer tan starts to fade I always feel as though my face looks a bit dull. There is honestly nothing better than a pop of color on the lips to brighten your complexion, so here is what I’m wearing!

The Berry Lip


This look is so beautiful with almost all eye makeup looks. It is also a nice way to transition from summer into the fall.



Fresh lip care
24 CAD – barneys.com

Bobbi brown cosmetic
29 CAD – lordandtaylor.com

Rimmel lipstick
5.99 CAD – target.com

Butter London lip gloss
48 CAD – theiconic.com.au
The Burgandy Lip
Dark Lips


Gucci lipstick
43 CAD – gucci.com

36 CAD – sephora.com

Dark lip makeup
I can’t wait to rock these lip colors more and more for the rest of the season. I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Let me know in the comments what colors you are rockin’ 🙂


I love the smell right after that first fall rainstorm. Well, to be honest with you, I love everything about Autumn. The smells..the clothes…the food…and of course, the beautiful color scheme. Leaves changing and pumpkin spice lattes being served. You know the drill. As I sit here, sipping my tea – from an insanely cute mug I just bought! http://magenta-inc.com/shop/ has the cutest mugs, check them out- I can see the fog rolling in and the biggest smile appears across my face. Yes, it is bittersweet because summer is pretty cool too. Let’s be honest though, we are all dying to wear knee high socks and boots. If you disagree then you are no friend of mine. No, no, no girl.photo (20)

Have you ever noticed how AMAZING fall fashion is?! I am going to assume ‘yes’ because I know if you are reading this you are 1. AWESOME *Highfive*  – and – 2. A Fashion Lover

One of my favorite things about fashion this time of year is HELLO! Texture, texture and, yep, texture. I recently bought a faux fur vest from H&M and I can’t wait to pair it with a kick ass pair of skinny  jeans and some high boots. Here are some looks that I put together for fall –

Fall Beauty


Burberry cape
1,180 CAD – my-wardrobe.com

BCBGMAXAZRIA dorsay shoes
66 CAD – dsw.com

Green satchel
865 CAD – dress-on.it

Tai leaf jewelry
55 CAD – lastcall.com


Tory Burch jacket
660 CAD – toryburch.com

Elastic waist pants
64 CAD – laredoute.co.uk

Frye riding boots
550 CAD – revolveclothing.com

MANGO black purse
38 CAD – johnlewis.com
Sidenote: This weekend I am leaving for Whistler. For all of my lovely readers who don’t know where or what ‘Whistler’ is. Well, let me inform you!
If you love sports, shopping, amazing cuisine then this winter/summer mountain is the place to go! It is only an hour drive away from where I live but people travel thousands of miles just to enjoy the scenery and all it has to offer. In the winter it is gaaaaawgeous! Of few of my girlfriends and I are going up this weekend to celebrate my beautiful friend Nomo’s birthday! I am beyond excited.
Ps. My friend Nomo is the most amazing photographer. Please check out her work here! She is amazeballs.
Well I can’t wait to show you guys photos from Whistler! It’s going to be a blast!



Eeeee! If you are a fashion connoisseur, you know what September means! Fashion Week. A week where we all indulge in the Spring/Summer 2015 trends. I mean, in a years time we will all be drawing our outifit-inspo from these designers so we might as well see what we are in for right? This might all sound a little overwhelming, but fear not. I am here to make it very simple for you! (Also if you would like to countdown with the clock head over to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s website. Tick-toc!) Now, where to start?!

I would like to start with Michael Costello. Mainly because this man has been my everything lately. He is a self-taught genius. If you aren’t familiar with his name I am certain you have seen at least one of his beautiful creations. There is something so alluring about his designs. The figure hugging dresses he creates are to die for….no, literally…I’m pretty sure he sews his clients into the garments. I wouldn’t care though. If you look up the definition of ‘Va Va Voom’ in the dictionary, granted you will see one of his beautiful dresses.

Not to mention…he draws inspiration from Queen Bey..’nough said. He is definitely one of the collections I am thrilled to see!



MichaelCostelloOther collections I can’t wait to witness are :

Zac Posen

Rachel Zoe

Herve Leger by Max Azria

Rebecca Minkoff

Michael Kors

There really are so many more.

Apparently, Michael Herz will be debuting his first runway collection as Artistic Director for Diane Von Vurstenberg. Good luck Michael! Who knows what direction he will go in but luckily for us Ms. Von Furstenberg is coming out with her own reality show on E! I just hope that Michael stays with the classic theme. Diane’s clothes have the most wonderful way of making every woman feel powerful and sexy. You don’t need to say much when you are wearing one of her iconic wrap dresses. It will do the talking for you.


One of the biggest changes to happen this year at Fashion Week is more ‘performances’. Yes, when you think of the classic runway show you think -catwalk-garments-designer-take-a-bow-bravo! Buuuut not this year. The Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor recently acquired IMG, which owns New York Fashion Week. So, basically, think more Hollywood than New York, really. Within the last year or two social media has absolutely sky rocketed. The people at William Morris know that they need things that can be videotaped and caught on camera. These things will then go…yep you guessed it…viral. Even more publicity for the fashion world. Which I don’t really think is a bad thing. I mean, now you can log on and your favorite celebrities are tweeting their favorite looks they’ve worn #whicheverdesignermadethatbeautifulcustomlook. Social media is a huge tool and I am betting we will see a lot of it and a lot of technology at this years runway shows.

I haven’t had a chance to visit New York yet, but I know someday soon I will. Fashion Week is definitely one of my goals..and I am looking forward to the day I reach it.

Liebster Award Nomination –

 Thank you so much to Tailored and True  for the ‘Liebster Award’  nomination! I am very excited and also humbled to be getting support from such an awesome blogger. I love the fact that you step outside your comfort zone so that people can see the ‘tailored and true’ Caitlin. Which, by the way you are an incredibly stylish woman!

I get a lot of funny looks when I tell people I have a blog as well but that is the thing I like about it the most. Surprising people with the real me and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Blogging can be extremely intimidating if you don’t know what you stand for and if you are afraid of other peoples judgement. Thankfully, through the first months of writing, I realized it isn’t about pleasing other people. It is about being yourself and if people like you, awesome, but if they don’t agree, that is fine too. Just BE YOU.  I finally feel like I get to express myself through writing and the fact that you nominated me proves it is all worth it. So THANK YOU.  Now! Onto all the answers to the questions you so kindly asked me…


1. Why did you start blogging?

Well, to be honest with you guys, I started blogging because I am one of those people who never really stick to one thing and I needed to prove to myself that I could really do it. I get so excited about projects and ideas that I become somewhat scatter brained. Then, something pretty awesome happened… I realized that I love it. I realized that I was giving 110% not because I had to, but because I wanted to. ( I also started for the obvious reasons..as in my love for fashion, food, music and well basically anything..if it exists I would like to write about it..except for crocs..you will never see those on my blog…like…ever.)

2. What are your goals for your blog?

My goals are as follows. Always stay true to being myself. I don’t want to ever feel like I am writing about something I don’t feel excited about or at least interested in.  Also, another goal would be to always keep an amazing relationship with my readers. I love hearing comments and feedback. I already know the blogging community is amazing and my most important goal is to keep meeting and connecting with all of you!

3. What is your dream job?


You know how they say, “you will have at least seven careers in your lifetime”?  Well I am totally that person. I want to travel the world and do a whole bunch of amazing things (the list of those things could literally be written into a novel) before my time here is up.  So, I guess you could say my dream job is anything but a 9:00 to 5:00.

4. What’s your go-to outfit when traveling ?

Something comfortable with a little funk. Let’s say, Converse, pair of cute jeans, and a nice graphic tee. A scarf is also helpful to double as a blanket if you ever need one on the plane because let’s be honest..you dunnooo where those things have been.  Lastly, just because you are getting on an airplane doesn’t always mean you have to wear uggs and leggings. 4255af95c56f8ba6baa18ed35e605535

5. What is one of your favorite beauty tricks?

The best beauty trick is drinking water…water..and yes more water. You will look like a million bucks. A very hydrated million bucks. You’re welcome.

6. Who is your style icon?


Kate Hudson! She is the epitome of class, edge and all around style icon. I don’t think I have seen her wear anything I don’t like. She is just to cool.

7. Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

That would be Tom Ford. Why? ..because he is bloody brilliant of course.

8. Who is your celebrity doppelgänger?

Haha! I have no idea on this one! Lucy Hale perhaps?

9. What’s your favorite fun fact to share with new people?

My favorite fun fact to share with new people is that all the people who are closest to me call me “B”.

10. If money were no object, what would you do?

I would celebrate obviously!..and I would definitely travel more.

Thank you again to Tailored and true for the nomination.

Queen BEY – CR Fashion Spread

rs_634x847-140828085753-634.Beyonce-Fashion.jl.082814Courtesy CR Fashion Book


All hail the Queen…yep, again. This woman is unstoppable and not to mention drop dead gorgeous. After taking over the MTV VMA’s stage with an unforgettable performance, Beyoncé is on to the next big thing taking over the coveted cover of CR Fashion’s 5th edition.

Can you believe NEW YORK TIMES fashion critic Vanessa Friedman once said Bey isn’t a fashion icon? Yah, me neither. I’m pretty sure Beyoncé could make a paper bag look fierce.







They’re baaaaaaack. The ‘Overall’



Let’s face it. The nineties are making a huge comeback. We’ve seen it with make up ( I don’t know how many ‘Kylie Jenner 90’s inspired makeup tutorials I’ve watched on youtube but it’s a lot..) and also in fashion. Probably one of the biggest fashion statements at the moment are the Overalls. Now at first even I was hesitant…and we all know how much I love anything that is made out of even the littlest bit of denim. (I’m Canadian okay.. denim on denim is like our equivalent to a tuxedo where I live) The more I see these however, in magazines and on the street, I am actually falling deeper and deeper in love with them. I have even met a few guys that can pull these off! –without looking like ‘farmer joe’ ..if yah catch my drift.  I know the trend seems a little scary. The last time I wore overalls I’m pretty sure I was ten and the cool trend at the time was only doing one strap up -don’t judge, don’t judge, you know you did it to. You should NOT be afraid though! Below, I’ve put together a little list of tips on how to wear them.



Three words. BASIC WHITE TEE. These look awesome with overalls. Make sure the neckline isn’t too high. You want the outfit to scream ‘I’m sexy and effortlessly chic’ ..not ‘Well hello, I just graduated from kindergarten’



Heels. Yes girl, go to your closet right now and take out your favorite pair. Overalls look great paired with a sexy pump. Plus, let’s not forget they make your ass perky. Let’s consider this tip a win-win situation.



Pair your Overalls with a jacket or blazer. Layering is always a good tip but in this situation it is an even bigger bonus. If it is your fist time rocking the Overall and you feel like you aren’t as confident this is a great way to make it look like you are just wearing jeans. It also keeps the focus more on the entire outfit rather than just the one statement piece.

And last but certainly not least…



If Pac wore em…they’re cool. Simple as that.

I would say this trend is an overall success.


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